Um brasileiro na Slavonia


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Slavonia is a region in Croatian located in the east part of the country. Almost every country that makes border with Croatia, makes border with Slavonia.

This name is not a official division of the Country and the countys that make up this unofficial region are; Vukovar, Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Požega, Virovitica. (you can click and jump the post to the city).

Some people (especially of Croatia) probably will make the question.

Why the fuck you went to Slavonia? What you wanted to see there?. My answer to that is: Zato (or “Just because”) (xD)

Slavonski Brod

If you are not from Brazil (our surrounds) probably you will not find this different or cool but actually is really interesting to see how a city can “heal” from a war. Specially if its not a entire healing.

Slavonski Brod has some places complete restore form the war, some old building, the churches and the Main Square (full with Coffe Shop, Restaurants and people). But also as, in some places, houses completely destroyed with huge bullet/bomb holes. I took some pictures how the city looks now but i also watched a documentary how Slavonski Brod was before the war, what make my trip much more interesting.

Talking with people from there, who are really nice and friendly by the way, i discovered that the city was heavy hit by airplanes … and the worst part to me was that the main target were
hospitals, church, kindergarten and this kind of civilian building! I like war and like to understand what motivated people but KINDERGARTEN?!?! COME ON!!!

Studying about in this article called Slavonski Brod Homeland War i understood more about what really happened (recommend for every about who want to visit the city to read about).

This was really “amazing” to me: I meet a guy who remember of a “Stone Rain” that happen after a bomb strike 50 meters of his place. (o.O)

The Fortress in Slavonski Brod is not well preserved but still is a good place to go. With a little of imagination (and some weed if you like this kind of stuff) you can imagine the life inside the fortress. Is not big or small and you can walk inside the whole structure (is a nice place to walk and i could not stop thinking how is a good place to make a party).

(the most name for this place is Brod Fortress)

I went to Bosanski Brod (or just Brod, according to Wikipedia) also and, according to my friends, the
only thing to do there is eating a Cevapi (traditional Balkan “hamburger”, but better xD).

Accommodation tip: They have some hotels in town, i think they have 3, but i stayed Levicki Hostel and they are really good,clean and with a much better price than the other hotels.


Definitely Vukovar Museum is a place to visit in the city, easily is the most amazing museum that i ever visited in my life. Learned so much about the war! … and the best part is the price … FREE!

Everything is so clean and organize, the employ responsible for the place (Zoran, if i am not wrong) was super nice and went with me inside making a overview the building.

I dont remember the exact number, but the Vukovar Museum received a lot of money of UE to be restore (and to become this awesome place).


Osjiek is a very nice city and full of students, very “alive”! They have a fortress really “different” because its mixed in the city!

This history was a little bit crazy for me: i asked for directions in the street for a old guy (using my Croatian, btw) and was trying to find this monument that represents the resistance of Osijek against the Serbian Army …

The guy showed me the directions and i started to walk. Five minutes later the same guy pass with his car (and one friend inside) and offer my a lift. That will not be so surprise if the guy wasnt from Serbia xD

Osijek - Vinicius de Castro

Pozega and Virovitica

I didn’t have time to go there (shame on me) but i will appreciate if you could help with some info. I found some website about the tourism in those citys and they may help:

And that is it xD … here a “tornado” that i saw in the trip to Zagreb (or at least i thought that was hahaha)