Hitch Hiking Albania – Gentileza pra todo lado


Esse post é da época que o site era em duas línguas e ainda não foi traduzido!

Hitch Hiking in Albania worked really well for me. Base on my experiences and the experiences that I heard when i was working in Milingona Hostel, i would definitely recommend.

Like i told in another post, being a Black Solo Hitch Hiker, getting rides usually takes more time than the average! That’s why here on the blog I only write about “average time waiting for a ride”.

City Destination Distance Waiting Time
Tirana Lezhe 50km Better than avarage
Lezhe Shkodra 40km Faster than avarage
Shkodre Albania Border 35km Better than avarage

But there is more, a lot of kindness from the local people :D.

Hiching from Tirana to Skhoder

After using Hitch Wiki (the hitch hiker’s bible) i found the spot and used the spot above:

Get to the square ‘Zogu i Zi’ and then follow the street ‘Rruga Dritan Hoxha’ for 100 metres. There will be a bus line emerging on the right where a bus to Kamez runs. It does not have a number (as none of the buses in Tirana has), it just written Kamez on top of it. It costs, as all buses in Tirana, 30 Lek and it takes roughly 20-25 minutes. Get off at the last stop, from where you can walk 20 meters forward to a roundabout.

Took me two hour to get a ride in there! Which put this spot in the “easy places to Hitch” category. Some friends from Germany (further explanation in the end) took their ride in less than 1 hour … so for sure is easy for everybody. Like the website says: a lot of taxis will stop and ask if you want to get in (paying of course), in two hour four taxis stooped for me.

In this spot I would recommend to You also taking a sign “Lezhë”, I am not sure if it’s super common to go there but that was my first drive destination. A truck driver (small truck) that goes Tirana-Lezhë everyday with his small dog inside the car hahaha.


Albania Hitch Hiker Friendly: The spot is close to a school and the kids were extreme friendly. A group of girl that saw my Brazilian flag pass thought me with that “youngster laughing” and after 2 minutes they come back.

“Hey”, they said, “Where are you going?”. “Shkodra” i answers. So one the girl take from her backpack this sign and give to me … she prepare even before ask.

Other two young guys stayed with me for more than 40 minutes, translating when everyone that stops, which was really helpful when Albanian taxi drivers stopped (sometimes they don’t look like cabs). They even bought a bottle of water for me.


The second ride was quite fast, in Lezhe my new friend droped me in a gas station in the direction of Shkoder (its only 30km from here to there). After 20 minutes one guy that works in Tirana and lives in Shkoder pick me up. Usually he charge people for this ride (there was one old guy in the car that he charged a 2 euros for the ride) but looks like my brazilian flag saved me once more.

Hitching from Shkoder to Montenegro’s border

Hitch Hiking from Shkoder to Podgorica was quite easy because:

  • The spot is super easy to find (just walk toward North of the City Center, and when you are a little bit far further in the road just stop and hitch). I used Hitch Wiki but this time, wasn’t necessary =).
  • Podgorica its only 60km from the city

Took em 1h15 minutes to take a ride here, super fast! Some buses also stop asking for money but less when you compare with Tirana’s spot. This kid (19 year old) was a nice guy, took me to the border (he was going to the school in the other city but wen 10km away from his original way).

Weird life

After working more than month in Milingona Hostel in Tirana (the review will be post later), I had to go! That being said, I can conclude that life is weird.

Why? I meet a lot of guests in this meantime, but not to many Hitch Hiker and in the exact same day that i decided to leave, two guys from Germany are in they way back home after working helping refuges in Greece. Crazy right?

So, what happen was: next morning I was packing my stuff and … where is my fucking passport? After my last experience in Albania border that would be last thing that I could ask for it! My new friends had to go (starting hitch hiking early is a golden rule) and stayed looking for the fuck document!

I found after one hour later but lost my Hitch Hiker Buddy’s but, life is weird in good and bad ways … so maybe was better like this.

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