Hostel Funk Lounge Review

Em uma época remota, metade do blog era inglês e metade em português. Esse é um dos posts dessa época.
Its common in the blog, to find review about hostel and some weird hashtags. I made a post explain why, if you are interested ;D

Funk Lounge – Decoration

For sure one of the bests decorations that i ever saw in my trip. Even though i love art, will be almost impossible for explain but the all hostel have this “Real Funk Style”, with discos, paintings and quotes in the walls, its really amazing. (#liked) Ps: i use the term “real funk style” because in Brazil we have a different kind of funk, so its important to discriminate.


They don’t have a lot beds per room (max 6) and every room has a private bathroom (#liked). This feeling is perfect (for me at least) because isn’t to crowded and you kind have some private in your room. They are also clean and big, that helps. The lockers, inside the rooms, are big and they all are equipped with air condition (which is necessary in the summer because Zagreb has Brazilian Weather sometimes hahaha).

Funk Lounge – Social Area and Restaurant

This is the only part of the hostel that, in my humble opinion, could be better. The Living Room is a little bit small with a television and one L-Couch. The layout doesn’t improve the interaction between the guests. Its hard to explain this feeling but i spent one month there (working has a volunteer) and i know how does it feel. The restaurant/bar looks more like a normal restaurant, again, doesn’t improve the feeling to meet new people, i mean, if i want go to a bar to meet people, i go there and that is it. At least for me, one the best things in one hostel, is this feeling of everybody is your friend, or could be! And this feelings isn’t in the restaurant and living room =/ And, as strange as it sounds, the kitchen and the hammock area (yes, they have two hammocks can provide a little bit of “social interaction feeling”. (#liked … #fuckingloved)


The kitchen is not big or small and usually provide everything that you might need. You can easily cook your meals there without having any problems. And, speaking about cooking, there is a really good surprise in the …

Funk Lounge Location

There is a Konzum (one of the biggest supermarket Chain) in front of the hostel! Its super easy go there, buy your food, and cook in the hostel. So, the hostel is not in the center but this is not a problem at all. You can walk there in 15~20 minutes or in 5 minutes with the tran, usually wait for the tran is longer than the ride itself). For the cheap traveler, don’t worry about black riding in Zagreb, everybody does and there are almost nobody to ask for the ticket. I didn’t find any nightclub nearby but stil, i think the location is good (unless your are trying to go to Yaruun Lake, than, its super far hahah). Last but not least, the staff is amazing :D zagreb-funk-lounge-staff