Por que eu quero abrir um hostel?

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Esse post é da época que o blog era mantido em duas línguas.

I am writing today to explain why you might find some weird hashtags in my blog, specially if the post its about hostels, dont think its because i am trying to be “cool” or “modern” … hahahahaha … that isn’t the reason.

Collecting ideas around the world

I think about opening a hostel since my first trip, in 2013, but now in my one-year-trip this wish is becoming stronger everyday. Since i am travelling and volunteering in different countries, cultures and weather i am learning so much about tourism, guests and people that will be a shame don’t use this as a business.

Different Environment

One of the most important things that i want in the hostel is the integration between the tourists and the locals! When you are travelling (or at least me) its amazing to talk with local people and learn their traditions, you learn more than reading something online and in a better way ;).

Maybe because my traveler’s style, my main goal building the hostel with a awesome atmosphere, specially for people that are travelling alone or/and with low budget. Discovery in this trip that you will always remember great landscapes but what you really love (again, at least me) is the experiences that you have with people.

And for bringing amazing people to work in the hostel there is a really easy solution.

Time to payback the Universe .. being host to volunteer

I meet a lot of amazing traveler doing volunteer work myself, so now its time to be a host and give people the chance of being volunteers. How it work? Let me explain using my as example:

When i open my hostel i can create “jobs” to call people from all over the world to help me. What i give to those people in return? A place to sleep, food and a great time working in the hostel ;D. Its good for the traveler because he can save money and discovery a new place in a really comfortable way! Its good for the guests because its always good to have someone to take you to the bests place around the hostel.

And, its good for me because everybody will be happy.

What can you find in region?

Volunteer, guests, friends … everybody can have a great time in the state that i want to open my hostel. The name is Espirito Santo and its close to Rio de Janeiro. You can find some waterfalls there, beachs, mountais and with of the bests Brazilian’s persons! Without saying about the food ;).

Waterfall Espirito Santo

Its a nice state in Brazil not well explore as the Rio de Janeiro or Bahia … so i will try to use my Online Marketing Skills to bring people to the hostel and what i learned in this trip to make a good place :D

I am not sure exactly in the state i want open yet but i am working on it.

Do you want help me?

I will love your help, you can send me your email or your ideas using this form.

Will be great to show you my dream coming true (and maybe with some of your ideas).